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HBBC Week 5 Recap

December 25, 2011

Hopefully everyone’s having excellent winter holidays or just a good day. You know, whatever applies to your situation. Here’s my recap of the last week.

  • Sunday: 7 mile jog (7 points)
  • Monday: 3 mile jog, 7 servings of veggies (4 points)
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes weights (1 point)
  • Wednesday: 7 servings of veggies (1 point)
  • Thursday: 5 mile jog (5 points)
  • Friday: 7 mile jog (7 points)

Total: 25 points

Again, both of my long runs landed within this week and my jogging got a bit spaced out due to the holidays. Didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked with the cross training, weight lifting and veggies, but a little better than last week. Given that it’s the season, I should’ve gotten a reindeer to pull me maybe (from Creative Commons).

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