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Nostalgia and Lab Coats

December 22, 2011

How do you make a electropop/eurodance music icon into a scientist? Naturally add some graying temples (they look distinguished on a man), some glasses and a lab coat. Point is, it was 1993: Bill Clinton had just started his first term, it was a year after the L.A. Riots, a truck with an explosive was detonated in the basement of the World Trade Center, the unabomber was sending out bombs, The Fugitive premiered in the theatre, Cheers ended, the Battle of Mogadishu occurred where 18 US soldiers and thousands of Somalis were killed and what would later inspire the movie Black Hawk Down, and Nelson Mandela would soon become president of South Africa. Point is, life would never be the same. But let’s let 90’s europop music heavyweight Haddaway tell you about it. Not to mention he makes a badass Metropolis-esque robot in the process to dance with.


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