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Move for an engineering job?

December 12, 2011

Getting an engineering degree was supposed to be the ticket to full employment. Many recent grads, and many laid off engineers, know this not to be true.

Still, where are the jobs? I did a series of posts a few months ago on what states were hiring engineers, what disciplines are being hired, and what engineering employment over time looks like. Whether you’re an electrical engineer or a mechanical engineer, California and Texas still rank the top two states for hiring with Houston, Dallas and Chicago the top three cities for both of those disciplines. If you are in software, California by far is the state with the most jobs and while Chicago and Houston still make the top three cities New York pulls off top rank.

The more interesting question from this data would, I think, be what discipline would you encourage your son/daughter/niece/nephew to go into if they had an interest in engineering? Say they are in high school, doing relatively okay in math and science, and asking you as an engineer what you think about your job or what you like or don’t like or what they should consider? What if you then saw this graph? Would that change your recommendation?

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