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HBBC Week 3 Recap

December 10, 2011

Another week to capture my efforts at activity over this cold holiday season (info on the HBBC here). For those of you who don’t care about exercise, you can scroll to the bottom and look at the adorable yawning cat (via creative commons from Paolo Margari). If you also don’t care about cats, that what are you doing here? I’m just kidding.

  • Sunday: 6 mile long run = 6 points
  • Monday: 3 mile easy run, full servings of veggies, weights with legs and core for 20 minutes = 5 points
  • Tuesday: full servings of veggies, 20 minutes of weights with arms = 2 points
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run, full servings of veggies = 5 points
  • Thursday: full servings of veggies = 1 point
  • Friday: 7 mile long run = 7 points

Total: 26 points

Feel pretty good about this week. Didn’t get as much weights in as I meant to. Just ended up both of my long runs got in this week (so next week won’t have any long runs in it). Was planning to only go 6.5 miles but felt inspired to track that extra half a point and get up to lucky 7.

Here’s that cat photo I promised:

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