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Rebranding Sustainability

December 5, 2011

Was listening to a segment on the Marketplate Podcast recently about how companies are really going after this whole sustainability thing in droves. This sort of ties into my post at Engineer Blogs talking about the voluntary CAFE requirements automakers have agreed to meet and the gains they’re making in miles per gallon and engine efficiency.

Given how unpopular this whole "climate change" thing is for political reasons, it’s real interesting to me that efforts to save money on operating costs for a business are now taking the green label. Is this a successful ploy from environmentalists to trick businesses into sustainable endeavors by always emphasizing the cost savings side? Or is it just a feel good appropriation of all these environmental terms for businesses to make themselves look better than they are when their main goals are saving money? And how about us consumers, do we really do a good job at making choices that will benefit the environment or are we too looking mostly at sustainability as a personal cost savings measure? (If you have some extra cash, you can store it in this green piggy bank from Sears). Q5D9BQEYENW7

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  1. December 8, 2011 12:58 pm

    That is sort of what I have been finding with solar power. The cost will be about the same purchasing them as the savings I would get. So it is about making the choice to use clean renewable energy, or not. Eventually I did find a lease program that will actually make economic sense, but I am surprised that being clean and renewable is not enough.

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