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Skeleton Crew

November 21, 2011

It’s the holidays again. And either you escaped off to spend some meaningful time with your family or you’re one of the handful of folks who got stuck manning (or womaning as the case may be) the ship.

I’m getting a bit tired of this. My boss travels for work a lot. Compound that with his and everyone else’s vacations and it can get frustrating. I get asked to support projects I have nothing to do with. Or people are disappointed in the work my group has yet to complete. And while I’d love to take ownership and blame at the same time, if I’m not being asked to support these projects by my boss, what can I do? The implication of course is that my team doesn’t have their shit together. And I’d agree that’s pretty accurate. But the problem with stepping up sometimes mean people expect you to step up all the time. If you’re providing status on some projects it means they want it on all your group’s projects. And when you’re the face and they’re unhappy with what you’re doing they’ll tell you.

And many times I agree with them. But what can I do? My boss is my boss. If he doesn’t ask me to help in something, I’m not going to. I offer when I think it’s important to offer to handle things (and usually get turned down) but I mean, he’s my boss, he should know that I’m always available for him to delegate to. So presumably it means he has things under control (or thinks he does). And if other groups disagree they should address those issues to him. And if they want me to get involved they should make that request to him. Instead of making that request to me. And expecting me to follow up with him all the time, like I’m his boss, and not the other way around. I can’t correct his behavior. And whining to me will only make me stop trying to help other groups and stop providing them with status updates if it just means I get all the blame all the time.

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