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Engineering around the web

November 15, 2011

Some links floating around…

Why DARPA is researching storytelling and the power of the narrative.

Google software engineer who is a military reservist talks about his experiences in war and his experiences in the private sector.

Following a study that showed how many UK engineering grads end up taking unskilled jobs there’s a push for more apprenticeships, apparently government funded ones.

After a UC Berkeley engineering student faces sexism the school starts looking into what it can do.

Another one from the UK; Grammar school students studying engineering in a formal way.

An Adobe software engineer defends his company’s choice to not develop flash on mobile interfaces.

Navy backs off the idea of having civilians staff its amphibious vehicle’s engine rooms.

The value of working face to face with your colleagues versus telecommuting.

And unrelated to engineering, but always related to coffee, Iran has seen a surge in coffee shops. Given how in both western and eastern civilizations coffee houses have served important roles as meeting places one wonders what the significance of this growth is, or what it might be in the future. Or maybe Iranians just like their coffee.

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