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Hire A Vet

November 7, 2011

Looks like one of Obama’s job initiatives might pass the Senate this week. It’s a tax credit for employers who hire military veterans. You’d think that’d be pretty popular. Afterall it’s a week until Veteran’s Day, supporting the troops tends to be popular with both parties, and tax credits seem to be the only things that pass congress nowadays.

So with veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan having an unemployment rate of 12% and a possible $5,600 tax credit being possibly considered you’d think this is a slam dunk. But if you had to guess what Big Business’s response was, what do you think it would be? I’ll give you a minute to shake your magic eight ball.

Stephen Capp, CEO of Laserage Technology in Waukegan, Illinois says, “It seems to me the reason they’re putting these tax credits is they’re trying to get people to hire extra people. That just makes no sense to me. Because this day and age, you don’t have extra employees.”

Wrong, Capp. The idea is not to inspire you to hire a job you wouldn’t otherwise be planning to. It’s that if you’re on the fence about hiring someone, maybe you’ll go ahead. Or if you trying to decide between a qualified vet and another qualified candidate, maybe you give that job to a vet. Maybe some people think that gives veterans an unfair advantage. That it’s a zero sum game and that they are “taking” jobs from civilians. But I think we owe it to our veterans to give them a chance after they’ve served their country. And their relatively high unemployment rate seems to show that employers aren’t even giving them a fair chance. I suspect this tax credit won’t really help.  But it’s too bad we can’t really help veterans as easily as I can predict whatever lame excuses business will keep coming up with to not hire people.

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  1. November 7, 2011 9:45 pm

    Just musing, but is there actually a higher unemployment rate for vets given their training, age, race etc.? Many people enlist in the military out of economic need because they can’t easily get a job elsewhere. I know that the military takes the best of these, and trains them. I don’t know what the value added is. But given that many vets joined the military because they saw it as their best chance at a job, does that make 12% a high or low as an unemployment rate? I don’t have access to any numbers on this, and it’s too late at night to look them up.

  2. anonforthis permalink
    November 9, 2011 8:13 pm

    My SO is a vet. He’s on the GI bill getting his degree now. While everyone else went to college straight out of high school, he went to both wars without even batting an eye. It’s what he wanted to do. I have a stable job now with no chance of layoff, I feel soooo much better, but I had to completely switch careers, get certified in a similar field, leave a high-paying shit job from hell for a lower paying decent job, and I hope with all hope for no more war.

    Alot of vets are wanting to go into security jobs. The govt ain’t hiring, they are laying off both civilian contractors and military. State govts aren’t hiring either. Cop pay is horrible for being in a position of being shot. There’s fewer job options for their technical skills, but in terms of hardworking mentality, they would do anything to support their families. It pisses me off that a tax credit is being used as a carrot to hire vets. But whatever. I’m just glad he’s in one piece and here.

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