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November 1, 2011

Posting’s been a little light. I’ve been busy at work. Today I was praised (or sort of, as close as it gets) for being independent and having strong opinions on things. Several of my colleagues were dismissed for a particular assignment for not being strong or pushy enough. My ego enjoyed the temporary reprieve.

Then a little while later in a discussion with my boss and my relative newness as an engineer I realized exactly how he saw me. Part of me thought he even felt threatened by me at times. And that still might be true. But I don’t think he lied. I think his conscious mind saw me as he expressed then; it was almost as if he patted me on the head as if to say, don’t worry little girl, you’ll be a big girl one day. Serves me right I suppose. I was about due for another reminder that I am indeed mortal and not a shooting star.

Still, on the balance I think it was a complimentary day. Probably not a good thing. I find I stress less when I just focus on short term progress and less on my overall career path. (Squirrel from alphakilo2bravo).

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  1. November 1, 2011 11:08 pm

    You have chosen the engineering path, and will frequently see the world differently from others. If you happen to speak out in a manner that supports the opinions of management, you will be deemed a wise visionary. On the other hand, if your judgement runs counter to the prevailing opinion, you will be told you are not a “team player.” So take everything you hear from your managers with a grain of salt—do not get too excited about praise, nor too depressed over criticism. Your family and friends can (and should) help reinforce your sense of personal worth. Never seek this emotional support from your employer. Your manager may provide you with valuable insight concerning the political winds that blow within the corporation, but you must judge for yourself how satisfied you are with your professional performance.

    Although your supervisors may exude great confidence, they are likely even more befuddled than you when problems arise. If incapable of providing technical assistance, they find themselves limited to influencing the perceptions and opinions of others. Hence, they will, on occasion, exhibit bizarre behaviors—so don’t be shocked when you see decisions and actions that defy all logical reasoning. The good news is that as you get older, you tend to get more respect. Not because you get any smarter (although you will), but because you’ve been around longer, and recognize more of the organizational games being played. Also, because you know how all the equipment works :^) Best wishes for a long and successful engineering career!

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