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Making the boss look good

October 5, 2011

I have been busy lately (hence the lack of posting). One thing that’s kept me mentally occupied has been stepping in where my boss either missed something or was too busy to catch. It’s sort of ironic really. My boss’s strategy with his superiors has been to let them be overwhelmed by the volume of work until they feel they have to delegate responsibility to him. Generally if I bring up some topic he’s supposed to handle and is not aware of he’ll mumble that he’ll handle it. He’s a little paranoid about people underneath him trying to climb up and over him and beyond all that just bad at delegation.

So waiting to be asked to take on these tasks will never happen. So I just see something needs to be done, and no one else has caught it, and I take it on for a few weeks or however long is necessary. Then when the boss is off whatever other project or travel was taking up his time he just picks it back up again. Generally an employee should strive to make their boss look good. But I feel like most would try to exploit the weaknesses of their boss to garner more responsibilities or respect or pay or credit for the work they are doing. But I don’t see how I can do any of that while still keeping me integrity and not needlessly alienating my boss. So I step in as needed. And once the panic time is over slip back into the shadows. (Photo from Barbara Doduk)

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