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August 30, 2011

Rented two T titled movies this weekend: The Tourist & Tron Legacy. The Tourist is attempting, with hit and miss, and being an elegant 1950s film, perhaps along the lines of North by Northwest.  Depp apparently gained weight for the role, and just never really looks right (though one could argue it fits the role). Jolie looks as ever, pretty, but maybe too skinny. I found her acting a bit more believable, Depp seemed almost to be sleepwalking through his part (people online have argued Clooney might have been a better fit, and I think I agree).

Tron was more difficult for me to want to watch. I mean how do you mess with a classic? But knowing that sequels (especially nostalgic sequels decades later) never live up to the original helps in this case. The soundtrack by Daft Punk helps even more. The main character, son of Flynn, is not as annoying as he could be. He’s no Shia La Beouf is what I mean, an adult will not be offended by his mere existence.

Bridges on the other hand has pretty much devolved into his Big Lebowski character in this. The last time I saw him actually act was in Iron Man. For this he just sort of goes back to being Lebowski pretending to be Flynn, at times for almost comedic results.

The graphics are pretty though. They add something new while still sort of holding true to the original feelings of the first movie. Combined with the soundtrack and sometimes I feel like I’m watching my favorite video game Mass Effect with its science fiction, good music, futuristic vistas, etc. But sometimes I feel like I’m just watching some 1970s acid trip. Of course pretty as the move is, it doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test. But then, neither did the Tourist. Sort of a sad state when even enjoyable movies just revolve around male fantasies.

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