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August 28, 2011
-I nearly stepped on a tarantula during my run the other day. Yes it was “only” about the size of my palm, spread of its legs included. Still, it was a freaking tarantula. The fact that they are furry, harmless, don’t jump, and aren’t poisonous didn’t stop the stream of expletives as I not so gracefully hopped over and away from it.
-An internet radio ad came up for me in Spanish today. Despite the fact that my high school Spanish does not extend beyond asking where the library is or whether Paulo is going to call Juanita or which one of them wants to be a chef I still thought it was pretty cool. I mean true, Christina Aguilera had been the previous track, but I don’t think of latino pop stars as a gateway drug to another language and culture. Instead it was kind of neat someone would invest the money and pay attention to the fact that there’s a latino audience listening to this stuff.
-Speaking of running, thanks to unusually high humidity my sweat’s been following me home on a run. The sweat pattern left on the back of my shirt shows that even my sweat is grumpy and makes frowny faces, just like me! See the helpful illustration of my cynical and unsmiling sweat below. I tried to tell my sweat that people would like it more if it would just smile, but it continued glaring at me.
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  1. August 28, 2011 11:12 am

    My sweat pattern frowns at the peeps eating my dust too!

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