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ProEngineer: Component Replace

August 13, 2011

In the same vein as my excel-fu post where I gave a little trick I learned in MS Excel, here’s a very simple but very useful procedure for ProE. Say you have an assembly and you need to replace a part. The mating surfaces of your parts might be the same or they might just be similar. This is how you can swap out to get your new part.



Find the relevant part in your model tree in your assembly. Right click and select replace.















This will pop up a window with your old and soon to be replaced part. Select “unrelated component” then click the button to select 1 item. In your workspace select the part you want to replace your old part.

This will pull up a dialogue window with your old and new part side by side. In this case my parts are different but my mating surfaces are the same. But this does not always need to be the case. You can have different geometries for your mating surfaces but as long as they interact in the same way you’ll be able to use this operation. In the dialogue box are the three ways the original part is mated. As you select each one it will show you what that is on the original part (in pink) and you just need to select what new surface or plane or axis is relevant to your new mating condition. After you’ve identified all three, click okay.

Once you do this you’ll end up with your final assembly and the new part substituted in. Pretty easy solution when you have a non-major change to a particular part and want to slip the new one back into your assembly easily.

Hope you all enjoyed, happy designing!


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