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Health Envy

August 5, 2011

Apparently everyone else on the internet cooks more than me and eats more vegetables (what are those again?). A post last week on Get Rich Slowly asked how much you spend on food. My raw numbers were a lot lower comparatively than I expected. But that’s probably because when other people eat out they do so at fancy restaurants ordering expensive food. My carne asada burrito addiction isn’t that expensive. Plus buying a bunch of cheap mexican food every week means I can spend less on groceries thereby saving money.

Miss Outlier just posted about how she uses online tools to keep using the fresh ingredients she has. Even Comrade Physio Prof makes a pretty mean risotto. All this cooking and healthy eating can really make you feel shameful about your own bad food choices. But I still do my part. I mean how many of you are  running a gopher preserve in your front lawn, huh? That’s right. I care about nature and sustainability and the environment and wildlife. Run free gophers, run free.

(Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

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  1. August 9, 2011 4:44 am

    The key is, you sign up and pay in advance for a farm share so that you get vegetables every week, then you are too cheap to let them spoil. 🙂 So see it really does all come down to the money. And if you are ever in Boston, you are invited for dinner!

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