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Great Green Hope

August 4, 2011

It’s no surprise I’m a bit of a cynic. Especially as it pertains to rosy reports on what the next big field for jobs is. The Department of Labor has a thing going on about green jobs for women. They do cite some interesting things in their fact sheet. Apparently the average wage of a construction carpenter (99% men) is $18.72 an hour compared to $11.48 an hour for preschool teachers (98% women). I’m not sure what we’ve learned there other than maybe society values traditionally male careers higher than traditionally female careers or the less fun and controversial it’s dangerous to look at preschool teachers and carpenters by hourly wages. I’m not saying their numbers aren’t accurate, just that a carpenter may only be able to get work x hours a year on average, and I’m not sure where this hourly number for teachers comes from given teachers don’t get paid during the summers, is that an averaged number or hourly by 9 months only?

More stats…86% of “green business owners” interviewed in one particular study had no previous direct experience. (Experience in what? I wonder how this compares to non-green businesses). They offer a few other points of selling, that one can start at any level, that it’s varied, that it appeals to a wide variety of people, and that the work is satisfying. The sort of things maybe they think women look for in careers (thankfully it doesn’t stress flexibility or some other BS). I was surprised given this just popped up from the DOL in my twitter feed like last week that all their numbers that this is a growth industry are from reports in 2009. Hopefully they’ll update their numbers when they get serious about this whole thing.

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