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Highest Paid Jobs For Women

April 21, 2011

There's an article today in Forbes discussing the highest paid careers for women in 2011. I condensed their very graphical gallery into a clean little graph. You'll notice some of the higher numbers for percentage of earnings as compared to men are also in the same careers where the percentage of women employed is a much lower position. This is a man's world, to quote James Brown. I guess I'm a little surprised some of the more people oriented careers don't have better equality and surprised there's only 31% of doctors and surgeons that are women. I mean we've been hearing for years now about how more women than men go to college and medical school and how that spells the end of dudes. The article quotes one dude who dismisses the pay gap with some great mansplaining:

“We may be witnessing an aging factor,” speculates behavioral psychologist Matt Wallaert, lead scientist at compensation website GetRaised. “The highest paid doctors are the oldest doctors. With more women in the field, they may be aging up and earning more.”


Right, we also may be witnessing a bullshit factor in which monkeys fly out of your ass. Women programmers make up 22% of the profession and earn a much better 95% salary compared to their male peers. So don't tell me we just need more women or time or some such crap.


They talk a little about "engineers" by which they mean software engineers coming in at #5 on the list:


“Engineers are generally employed by younger tech companies with less entrenched male-dominated cultures,” says Wallaert, pointing to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg as a female leader in the field. “Women need to embrace tech. It’s a growing industry, and gender doesn’t apply.”

Technical occupations may be particularly promising for women because they are high-paying and require clear, objective qualifications. “You can program or not,” says Blau.


Yes, technical positions are so clear that's why women kick ass at them. Oh wait, we don't. Any working engineer has known several douchebaggy coworkers who kissed ass and moved up in title and pay despite having no marketable technical skills or even a good understanding of the product they're on. So don't tell me this is a job position that doesn't allow for forms of discrimination. And secondly, looking at software engineers as working only at brightly decorated flip-flop wearing Web 2.0 companies is probably a very small piece of the pie. Some of us are working for dinosaurs who won't be satisfied until we've all sold our souls and self-respect for health care benefits and a 6x6x6 cube (notice a numbers trend?) to spend 80 hours a week in.


Not sure what I'd recommend women go into based off this list. Programming or software engineering where the pay discrepancy is lower but they have to deal with overwhelming numbers and possible dominant and established male culture or maybe healthcare where the earnings are decent though not fair but they'll have more female allies and mentors and superiors. Tough call.

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  1. April 22, 2011 12:26 am

    Monkeys DO fly out their asses. My now-former (yay!) boss mansplained that women get recruited, along with some other doozies that he thought would stop me from pointing out the lack of women in my building. Cuz yannow, all *those* women that get recruited aren't in MY building, they are somewhere else taking positions away from dudes! Great reply! Hey, look over there! It's another flying monkey derailing the topic! The flying-monkeys associated with the asses really do think we are stoopid.End of dudes. Oh, I can haz a dream. We need more women and less douchedudes.jc

  2. April 22, 2011 3:14 am

    See what happens when women try to get jobs? They just get upset, and then they get grouchy and bitchy, and they stop smiling and then no one is happy, because no one likes non-smiling grouchy women! The only real solution is for women never to attempt working (at least not as anything other than nurses or kindergarten teachers), and to stay home and pop dozens of balies. And never stop smiling! See — pay gap problem solved!

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