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That and $5 will get you a cup of Barley

February 15, 2011

Ever the overachiever I have stretched myself yet again. Not only am I also writing over at Engineer Blogs I'm also enjoying an exciting two weeks on the Scientopia Guest Blog. Myself and Paolo who is a Natural History curator are contributing our scientific observations to the Scientopia empire. Or is it scientific? In my introductory post there I talked a little about who I amand asked is engineering science? I also just wrapped up a post on NASA's Stardust mission and their efforts of marketing vs exploration. My blog colleague (blogolleague?) Paolo discussed a mystery item from his museum collection (I think it's a skull!) and discussed analyzing it to figure out exactly what it is.
My EB (that's Engineer Blogs) buddies have also been busy. Fluxor posted a circuit diagram and asked blog readers to pipe in with where the problem is in Part 1. My eyes kinda glazed over but he gives us the punchline in Part 2. Cherish discusses geological engineering and mapping of subsurface layers. Then last week we all discussed how we got into engineering (Cherish, Fluxor, Chris and me). Our two new guest bloggers joined: Paul Clarke and Michael Barr.
With all that great reading you shouldn't need me to say anything groundbreaking or interesting or remotely technical here, right? Good. Well I'll tell you something interesting anyways. Linda O'Brien can sell you roasted barley. You might be wondering, well wth can I do with that, FrauTech? Her husband being a farmer she was experimenting with malted barley and found it to have a coffee-like taste. So she's made ground roasted barley you can put in your coffee or espresso machine. She even drinks hers with creamer.
Like many serious coffee drinkers I often wonder what the heck the point is of drinking decaf. Either get over the caffeine, or drink something else. But I think this is an even better substitute because decaffeinated coffee still has small amounts of caffeine in it. So if you're trying to get that same coffee taste without the caffeine I'm now going to recommend you brew O'Brien's roasted barley, or RoBarr. Hopefully if she sees this she'll send me a free sample so I can review it. I've shied away from reviews in the past being only an average engineer and less than average at many other things but if there's one thing I'm damn good at it's drinking coffee.
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