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Honda Fit vs Ford Fiesta Part II

June 26, 2010
Now to looks. Fiesta offers a baseline four door that actually runs cheaper than its hatchback. But for the sake of comparison I wanted to compare hatchback to hatchback, and compared the lowest trim of each. Both are cute in their own way and your preference over which one looks better is going to be a personal thing.

The color choice was limited on the Fit. Again, this is looking at the lowest trim option only, so likely more colors are available on higher trim Fits or the Fit Sport. So Ford was clever here to include a wide variety in their hatchback, maybe because their sedan is actually their lowest trim on this model.

Interior is very close. Don’t let the pictures fool you as the Fiesta picture includes leather seating that you can not get in the lowest trim hatchback. So obviously that’s going to look nice from the photo but you can see both have a very similar layout, similar use of space and nothing special.

A look at the dash shows both car companies are learning you have to make your dash look nice. People want to see lit-up widgets on their dash they same as they have loaded onto their iGoogle homepage or on to their Windows 7 desktop (do you hear me Chevy?).

I thought I’d give this one hands down to the Ford. If you’ve been looking at the new line of Fords (Focus, Taurus) you’ll see they’ve done a lot of work in redesigning the “view” from the driver’s seat, and to great effect. But here I think the Fit just looks cooler. Maybe it’s the blue, maybe the lights are brighter, it just looks a little nicer.

The final consideration for a car is of course the price. Lowest trim hatchbacks of both (remember the Ford offers a slightly cheaper sedan) left the tally at Fit-$14,900 and Fiesta-$15,120. Certainly not much of a difference, clearly both cars are aiming for the same demographic and the same price range here.
In conclusion, I personally think the Fit has an edge in looks; both interior and exterior. But the mileage of the Fiesta can not be argued with. Since they’re priced the same, and horsepower and torque are pretty much the same, I’d have to leave the deciding factor up to a test drive. Maybe next year.
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