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January 30, 2010

Very funny Steve. What, did you think we wouldn’t catch on? Did you think I’d forgotten about already seeing the device you supposedly “invented”? That’s right. One of Scotty’s fine, young engineers (seen here hiding behind some posts, I do like the shy ones) models the device for us.

Oh, maybe you remember now? That’s right. It’s called the PADD. I sh@# you not. But good thing Stevie could come up with such a “clever” and “original” name. (Seen below the Next Gen PADD, sported by the ever so fine Geordi LaForge [not pictured.])

You see, Tenured Radical has got a great post up about the overblown outrage over this new Apple WhizGadget and its association with certain feminine hygiene products apparently managing to offend people. Brilliantly oblivious Anonymous (real name) comments:

Just what the hell else was Apple supposed to name it? I figured the name
would be iPad along. It makes sense.

Besides the fact that Anonymous will never truly appreciate Mark Twain or Stephen Colbert (ok that was just an excuse to mention them both in the same sentence) he obviously misses the point. Which is that he’s (and I’m gender-assuming it’s a he since HE is about this close to being a mansplainer) completely forgotten why he “figured” it would be called the iPad. Because Gene Roddenberry coined the PADD term as a name for a flat, tablet-like communication and data device “while your great-grandfather was in diapers!!” to quote the eloquent Mr. Scott.

See 7:44 for the imfamous quote, and 7:02 for great advice from Scotty on engineers dealing with Captains. It’s the same philosophy I use for Project Managers so I know it works. Geordi has also snagged for himself one of those new iPads.

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